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Mister Austria


mr austria

Photo: Cityfoto


In August 2021 in Linz, 10 jurors of the the Mission Austria LLC 

named me this year’s Mr. Austria.

Born and raised in beautiful Vienna, I feel that I am Austrian to my very core, and so deeply appreciate my home, our country’s culture, and my fellow Austrians.


In addition, having spent the last four years of my life as a college student in the US on a full- ride scholarship at Bradley University in Illinois, has helped expand my horizon and glean and internalize critical insights about people and the world beyond my home country, which has opened my eyes to provide me with a truly global perspective.


The open-mindedness that has resulted from this formidable experience, paired with my irrepressible spirit and unshakably positive outlook on life, which I have had for as long as I can remember, and which definitely define me as a human being, ultimately give me the strength and drive to face each new dawn with enthusiasm and positive resolve.


I am firmly convinced that my joy for living, resilience, and success mindset will help get others on track in their own lives, motivating them to believe in their own potential whilst showing them that you can cope with pretty much anything life decides to throw us and tackle it head-on.

mr austria

Photo: Philipp Lipiarski

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